Sunday, April 22, 2007

Wizards of the Coast Launches New Line of Novels

Wizards of the Coast, Inc., a premier publisher of fantasy fiction and a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc., announced today that beginning in 2008 the company will bring its legendary ability to discover new talent to bear on a line of novels independent of any of its established shared world lines.

The new imprint – WIZARDS OF THE COAST DISCOVERIES – is a fantasy-tinged speculative fiction imprint that discovers new worlds, new talent, and new voices for adult fiction readers. The books will be loosely tied to a fantasy theme and will have a wide range of genres – from the mainstream to urban horror to literary fantasy. This imprint is all about discovering new worlds and new voices outside our traditional Wizards of the Coast imprint shared world boundaries. To that end, the authors of the first five books range from experienced novelists to exciting young authors making their literary debuts.

“We have a more than 20-year history of discovering and nurturing talented new authors and we’re thrilled with the opportunity to continue that with the Wizards of the Coast Discoveries line,” said Liz Schuh, Director of Book Publishing with Wizards of the Coast. “Long-time fans of our books and newcomers alike will find something new to love among our varied and dynamic line-up.”

This brilliant portfolio of original works comes from a range of genres, from the southern gothic ghost story “Firefly Rain”; a unique take on superhero mythology in “Devil’s Cape”; the fanciful, spooky, and enlightening memoir “The Man on the Ceiling”; the challenging literary fantasy of “Last Dragon”; to the contemporary urban horror of “The Angel of Death in Chicago.”

Distributed by Random House, Wizards’ books are available in most major bookstores, online booksellers, and in local libraries.

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