Sunday, May 27, 2007

Arbor Books Warns About Ghostwriting Fraud

In an effort to combat the problem of fraud in the ghostwriting industry, Arbor Books announced guidelines for those people seeking to hire a ghostwriter or ghostwriting company.

The question of whether to hire a firm or an individual is the first hurdle facing most prospective clients.

“The answer is relatively simple,” says Arbor Books President, Joel Hochman. “Choose a firm over an individual for obvious reasons: If you get into a problem with an individual writer, you’re stuck, with little or no recourse. Basically, you’re at the mercy of that writer. With the internet as wide open as it is, the chances of hiring a charlatan are high.”

A firm on the other hand, offers a vetted staff of writers and back-up writers, as well as editorial oversight and project management.

“The best way to safeguard yourself against ghostwriting fraud is to work with a reputable ghostwriting firm,” says Arbor Books co-owner, Larry Leichman.

Before you sign a contract with a ghostwriting company to write your book, make sure they have proof of the following:

* They are NOT a referral agency farming out your work to inferior, uncaring writers
* A relationship with a major publishing law firm -- for your protection
* Full insurance against PLAGIARISM and defamation lawsuits
* Full insurance that also covers YOU as the author
* Guarantee that you own 100% of ALL the rights, profits and royalties to your book
* Protection of the Better Business Bureau
* Listing with Dun & Bradstreet
* Supervised writing by the country's top professional editors
* Total confidentiality and non-disclosure
* Plagiarism protection and detection
* A Publishing Law Firm as counsel (intellectual property, libel law)
* Full publishing and promotion services including TV, radio, and print
* All the promises in writing!

You can meet Arbor Books representatives to discuss your project at this year 2007 Book Expo, June 1 through 3 at The Javits Convention Center in New York City ( Arbor Books will be at Booth 5255. Or you can contact Arbor Books direct at 877-822-2500 or at their Web site:

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