Sunday, October 28, 2007

New Southern Literature Collection

From classic southern literature titles remindful of the movie "Song of the South" you may have heard of, such as Joel Chandler Harris' "Tales from Uncle Remus," to many titles that have been lost in history, such as William Gilmore Simms "The Golden Christmas," Dixieland Classics is saving a long-lost archive of early American literature.

"These are wonderful stories of life in a different time, written by truly amazing authors who painted mesmerizing pictures of plantation life in the south," said Dixieland Classics’ founder and president Patrick Fields.

While companies such as Disney shy away from releasing anything to do with pre-Civil War times, such as their legendary movie "Song of the South," Fields insists this collection of southern literature is nothing controversial and offers a chance for all Americans to see into a long-lost period through the eyes of great storytellers.

"The times were filled with love, joy and hope," Fields said. "In addition, themes such as a society under siege and a specter of war and secession are common in these tales. There is nothing offensive about them. Just like the movie "Song of the South," these tales show a glimpse into what many would consider overall happier, simpler times in early American history."

Dixieland Classics, aware of the obstacles that would be faced in retail outlets due to a lack of understanding of the stories and authors themselves, has a unique sales strategy for the company catalog which currently contains more than 30 titles.

Each title is rare, properly coded to prevent piracy, and retails for an average of $35 for a four-disk set. Affiliates will be rewarded cash commissions for each sale through their Web site, church, club and other organization where they may find interested listeners.

Product and affiliate program information is available online at According to the company’s founders, Dixieland Classics is the only producer of this unabridged and uncensored collection of southern literature--a selection that draws comparison to the movie "Song of the South."

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