Sunday, November 25, 2007

New Services Help Self-Publishing Authors Promote and Sell Their Books

AuthorHouse (R) is offering two new services, Media Interview Connection and Book Buyers Preview, to help self-published authors gain more visibility in the media and market.

Once an author enrolls in Media Interview Connection, AuthorHouse registers his or her contact information, area of expertise, and the book title in an expert database searched by 75,000 journalists.

When a journalist seeks an expert in a specific field, information about authors who fall into such a category is displayed. The author is notified by e-mail when a journalist posts a request in his or her expert field, allowing direct communication between authors and journalists.

Book Buyers Preview can also help increase visibility of self-published authors and their books. The “sneak-peek” characteristic of the service allows book buyers, librarians, and researchers across the globe to read a selection from the first chapter of the book. Essentially, when book buyers access their ordering database, the preview appears with the book's ordering information to enhance the purchasing experience.

The preview is available in trade databases, including the Ingram Book Group and Baker and Taylor, the largest book distributor in the world. The Book Buyers Preview will also post the preview on the Barnes and Noble Web site, as well as

Once libraries choose to catalogue a particular book, the preview will be available to library patrons who are searching for reviews. The book preview will also be on EBSCO, the leading service provider of archived print materials and related services for libraries and research organizations.