Sunday, November 18, 2007

Publish your book in 10 minutes, free

Top international publishers such as Hay House, Random House India, Hachette Book Publishing India (part of Hachette Livre Group that includes Hodder, Headline, Orion, Little Brown, Octopus), Harper Collins India, along with 12 more publishers and literary agents from around the world are currently seeking talent on

Anybody who has ever tried publishing a book knows how difficult and long the process can be.

Publishers receive on an average about ten unsolicited manuscripts everyday. To find talent, publishers do not have the time to read all the manuscripts or visit the millions of blogs/ websites on the Internet. In effect, most of the unsolicited manuscripts are rejected and an individual’s freedom of expression is curtailed.

What separates is that anybody may publish, read or voice their opinion on a book which can be uploaded in any language in any category from any part of the world. The website is open to publisher/literary agents from around the globe who can find talent by simply filling the sign up form for free.

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pritis C majumdar said...

I tried several times to publish my book following your "Publish your book in 10 minutes" in your form duly filled in. But after clicking "Submit and next step", no result was observed. Kindly advise me with correct procedure.