Saturday, December 8, 2007

Best Xmas Gift for Self-publishing, Unpublished and Other Angry Authors

Traditional publishers reject up to 98% of all the manuscripts submitted to them. Considering the fact that about 81% of Americans believe they have "a book in them" that suggests a very large number of frustrated writers looking in vain for a publisher. Worldwide it goes into tens or hundreds of millions.

Thanks to the latest developments in digital printing new authors can publish quickly using inexpensive print-on-demand (POD) technology. Our "Print-on-Demand Publishers Directory 2008" helps them to compare and select a POD service best suited to their needs.

In recent years numerous POD services have come into being offering their services to new authors. 21st Century Research compiles a directory of over 75 POD services mostly located in USA but also in Australia, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, England, Scotland and Wales.

Entries in the directory include full addresses, telephones, faxes, and web sites. It also includes information on contracts, distribution, royalties, prices and other submission details. Street addresses are important particularly when authors are not satified with the service and want to take action.

Authors can use this directory to compare and select one or more POD services. They can choose non-exclusive contracts, keep all TV, film and audio rights, and negotiate royalty and book price levels. Unpublished authors can forget the agents and once published their book will never be out of print as long as it remains in a POD database.

The companion "Print-on-Demand Printers Directory 2008" is designed for self-publishing authors who can design their own books in print-ready format. As publishers they can deal directly with book printers who operade digital presses and provide POD printing services. Most offer an excellent Request for Quote(RFQ) form online for pricing a book depending on number of page, type of paper, binding, book size, color and cover design.

A series of “Top 100” editorial E-mail lists for daily and weekly newspapers, magazines, senior and veteran publications and Radio and TV shows are also available to authors who want to control their own book promotion and marketing. More details are available at our blog:

These directories are available at a price of $ 10.00 each($13.00 outside USA) with free handling and shipping by first class airmail.