Sunday, January 27, 2008

Book-Driven Branding Publisher Launched

Former Wall Street Journal columnist, author, ghostwriter, and commentator Foster Winans has launched a publishing house that helps entrepreneurs and businesses leverage their independently-produced books to establish and grow their brands.

Winans, writer of more than 40 books, is Chief Creative Officer of Winans Kuenstler Publishing (, which has developed an innovative marketing technique called Book-Driven Branding(TM).

Author of the bestselling memoir "Trading Secrets" (St. Martin's Press, 1986), Winans had ghostwritten many books for major publishers in the 1990s but increasingly found that authors with compelling material were being poorly served by the industry. In the past decade he began to transition to independent publishing, adding book design, production, and distribution to his writing and editing services.

"Winans Kuenstler Publishing is the fully-developed, one-decision solution for entrepreneurs and executives who understand the value and credibility authoring a book offers, and see the cost of independent publishing as a high-value, high-return marketing and branding expense," says Foster Winans.

"A book is the marketing collateral no one throws away. It brings prestige to the author, and opens doors to a wide range of opportunities from public speaking to bulk sales to corporations."

One of Winans's recent projects was "Stolen Without a Gun," a memoir by former MCI executive and corporate speaker Walter Pavlo Jr., which was featured in Forbes magazine last November. He also ghosted a memoir for Random House by a retired Chinese diplomat who was an aide to Mao Zedong. "The Man on Mao's Right" will be released this July.

Walt Kuenstler, the new company's CEO and Director of Branding Services, adds to Winans's expertise three decades in advertising, marketing, web development, and branding, ranging from The New York Times to managing the build-out of websites for companies in the pharmaceutical, communications, and financial services industries. He is a branding consultant to one of Wall Street's leading investment executives.

Kuenstler says the new company offers "a full service Book-Driven Branding solution, from concept to custom published brand-building books; related web sites, media campaigns, and other efforts to leverage the power of a book to drive sales, enhance reputations, and build lasting brands."

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