Sunday, February 24, 2008

Harlequin Lets Listeners Meet the Editors in New Podcasts

Harlequin Enterprises Limited will begin airing Meet the Editors podcasts -- exclusive one-on-one interviews featuring the acquiring editors of their various series and imprints. The first Meet the Editors podcast features Melissa Jeglinski, senior editor for Silhouette Desire, and Diana Ventimiglia, associate editor for Silhouette Desire and Silhouette Romantic Suspense, and will be released February 20, 2008.

Meet the Editors podcasts are 20-minute episodes that allow listeners to experience the thrill of sitting down with the editors of a major publishing house and discovering the inside scoop on the craft of writing, what editors look for in a manuscript, common missteps to avoid, how to get published and much, much more. Meet the Editors is designed to demystify the concept of the editor as an inaccessible resource for aspiring authors. Meet the Editors brings the personalities of the various Harlequin Enterprises editors to the fore and offers listeners the opportunity to get to know the people that shape the books they love to read.

The first episode features Ms. Jeglinski and Ms. Ventimiglia discussing what makes Silhouette Desire such a unique series. They also describe what they look for in new authors, what makes a successful Silhouette Desire novel, what books they bought last week, writing tips as well as insights into the publishing and, specifically, romance publishing industries.

New episodes will follow every two weeks on podcasters such as, iTunes, and others. All Meet the Editors podcasts are hosted by Randall Toye, Harlequin's editorial director of global series, who introduces and concludes each episode as well as providing an overview.


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