Sunday, March 30, 2008

RSS to MMS Tool for Mobile RSS Feeds

Skycore LLC, developers of, has launched an RSS to MMS publishing tool for content providers to automatically convert and deliver syndicated RSS feeds directly to mobile subscribers' messaging in-boxes using Cellyspace's MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) technology.

According to the company, auto-conversion of RSS content will make mobile syndication easier and more readily available and by delivering multimedia feeds rather than short, text-only feeds subscribers will be more fully engaged in the content.

Also, with RSS to MMS technology, the feed can be viewed without a subscriber first logging onto a mobile web site or launching a feed reader application. Instead, subscribers are alerted on receipt of the feed and can view it immediately or whenever most convenient since it’s stored in their messaging in-box.

Converted content is presented in a slideshow format including up to eight (8) slides, each with an image, 300 characters of text and an optional URL link for additional content, info or promotions. MMS Feeds can be billed as premium to the end user, or alternatively, standard (non-premium) rated feeds. In addition to content, providers can add third-party advertising or promotions to their feed.

Cellyspace publishing tools are also available for use by content providers to simplify the subscription opt-in process, including an HTML widget and link generator for the provider's web site; a custom keyword for use in their print and broadcast promotions; and a WAP (mobile internet) jump page generator for mobile advertising networks.

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