Sunday, March 9, 2008

Self Published Book Achieves Top 1 Percent Sales Rank

A new book, "Artificial Imagination", self published by a previously unknown author, Kalpanik S. achieved top 1% Sales rank on Amazon's Kindle store on February 21, 2008, proving how digital publishing is empowering the talented individual writers to achieve top sales positions. It achieved a sales rank on Kindle was 904 among 107,275 books available in the kindle store.

The book achieved number 1 position under the "Photo Essays" and "Travel (US, west)" categories and number 7 position under "Action and adventure" category on Amazon's kindle book store.

"I am very pleased to see my book reach the top Sales ranks," said author Kalpanik S. "I decided to use self publishing because I wanted to focus my time and energy on writing, not on trying to contact book agents and publishers. Amazon's digital publishing platform Kindle has allowed me to do so".

Kindle is a new reading device developed and sold by with a revolutionary display technology which makes reading a kindle as natural as reading ink on paper. It also uses advanced wireless technology to deliver content to the Kindle users within minutes of selecting them.

The story is written with a very entertaining tone and is infused with splashes of humor, wit and is able to capture the excitement and thrill of author's roller coaster ride through Silicon Valley and Seattle's Hi-Tech world, while also capturing California, Washington and Tennessee natural and scenic beauty using professional grade photographs.

"Under the guise of an AI creative-writing program, Kalpanik S. takes us with him on his journey through time, space and shares his multiple identities: a technology whiz kid, an immigrant, a husband, a father of two lovely daughters, and simply a human being trying to understand his place in the world," said Will Curl, Ph.D., Lecturer in English at University of Wisconsin. "The details of his unique life are rendered beautifully, poetically."

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