Thursday, April 10, 2008

Author Gives Phone Number to Readers, Asks for Advice

Michael T. Owens, a self-described scatterbrained writer, is asking the world to help with his next novel. He encourages people to call (815) 642-9687 to leave messages with ideas for main characters, settings, and basic plots.

"My problem is I have too many ideas. That's why I'm letting the people decide."

As a scatterbrained writer, Owens said focusing long enough to write a book is difficult but rewarding. "When I give lectures or speak to aspiring authors, I tell them how writing changed my life. I was on government assistance and eating Ramen noodles when I wrote my first book," he said. "That was six years ago. I've been writing books ever since."

When it comes to his writing, Owens is no stranger to out-of-the-box ideas. In 2005, he used eBay to auction a page of advertising in his novel A Dream Come True. The auction received national coverage by media outlets such as Yahoo News and Adweek Magazine.

An author of urban dramas, romantic comedies, and sci-fi adventures, Owens said he writes various genres to challenge himself. "This will be very challenging but I can't wait to get started," he added. "This is a writing exercise on a worldwide scale."

At the end of April, Owens will post the best ideas on his blog. Readers will then select which character, setting, and plot he should use. Owens added, "The more outrageous the ideas, the better!"

About Michael T. Owens
Michael T. Owens graduated from Florida State University. He has written several novels and short stories. His works appear in various anthologies and national publications. Visit him at:

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Anonymous said...

Hey, isn't one of the number one rules giving your audience what they want? He should consider setting up a blog...maybe even in a social network... and let readers post ideas there.

Some good info on social networks here.