Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Introducing new Lulu-Branded Publishing Services

It has always been easy to publish through -- now it is just as easy to profit too. "Lulu at your Service," a new offering to help authors enhance their books -- and make them more marketable -- is now available at

Need a cover designed? Unsure about formatting your book? Would you like to have a press release for your book, but are not sure how it's done? Now these professional services are not only available at Lulu, but a Lulu project coordinator will assist you through the process as well.

Over the years the community-driven "Services Marketplace," connected various Lulus with other Lulu creators with talents in editing, proofreading, designing and other post-publishing services. With "Lulu at Your Service" (, Lulu wanted to add another level to the offering by including more tools to help and facilitate the publishing process.

There are two publishing bundles starting at $500.00. The starter pack is for those new to the world of self-publishing. This pack has all of the basic services needed to get your book created and marketable to the world and includes an expert text review, book formatting, a custom cover, one free copy of your book, author support and help creating your Lulu online storefront. The advantage pack is an upgraded bundle that includes everything in the starter pack as well as a professionally written press release, promotional materials, three free copies of your book, a custom cover and library visibility. An ISBN can be added to either of these professional bundles to add distribution and listing availability to over 60,000 online and brick-and- mortar retailers for your newly enhanced project. If you already have your book but aren't sure how to get the word out there is a marketing pack starting at $350.00. This pack focuses on making sure after all of the work is put in that you sell your book and includes online advertising, a professional press release, and promotional materials such as business cards, posters and bookmarks.

Individual a la carte services are also available from as low as $15.00. These Lulu-branded services range from text reviews and book formatting during the pre-publishing stage to the marketing and distribution of your final project. With "Lulu at Your Service" you receive top tier level support and vision from professionals in the publishing industry, including a former art director from Harper Collins.

"Lulu is still not the publisher," says Rob Katz, Senior Vice President of Sales and Communications, "but this new offering is more in the vain of Lulu empowering creators to take their projects to another level and have a great-looking book."

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