Sunday, June 1, 2008

Author Seeks Participants for New Book

Dr. LeslieBeth Wish, respected expert for today's women and love, is conducting a ground-breaking survey about relationship issues of women smart in work but not in love. The survey is research for her next book Strong Woman and Love, to help women break unhappy love habits. Survey participants will be entered to win a prize. To participate click Strong Women and Love Survey.

"Three lucky women who complete and submit the survey will be chosen at random to receive Strong Women in Love, the book, when it is published, and an hour of free relationship advice on the phone," says Dr. LeslieBeth Wish. The advice includes a personal discussion of survey results and help with smart dating tips, relationship coaching and choosing men more wisely.

Dr. Wish is a former Masters and Johnsonian researcher and therapist who has helped thousands of men and women love smarter for over 30 years.

To take the Strong Women and Love survey, click here.

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