Sunday, July 6, 2008

Author Uses "The Secret" to Attract Her Own Book Deal

Denise Coates, author of the newly released book "Feel it Real! A Guided Approach To Bringing The Law of Attraction Into Your Life"(Atria Books, June 2008), is a walking testament to the effectiveness of The Law of Attraction.

A few short months ago, she was living in a hotel after an environmental health issue forced her to suddenly flee her home in the polluted Central Valley of California for the coast of Santa Barbara. She and her husband ended up in a hotel for several months as they tried to rebuild their lives. Coates was already a successful Law of Attraction coach with a self published book on the subject, but she wasn't prepared for being suddenly uprooted.

"It was all kind of a blur. One day, we're in our home getting ready to celebrate Christmas. The next day we're in a hotel with all of our pets and just a few of our belongings, wondering what happened." (Coates had been exposed to some agricultural pollution that gave her a condition known as RADS or Reactive Airway Disease. Her doctor advised her to leave the area. She has since recovered).

One day while showering in her hotel bathroom, Coates had a thought. "Why don't I use the Law of Attraction to manifest my own book deal with a big publisher?" At that time, Coates had no agent and no contacts in the publishing world. She had read "The Secret" and liked the format of the book, so she set a goal to attract a book publisher just like the ones who put out "The Secret."

"I got this emotional download to start emailing publishers about my book. It was definitely inner guidance. "

For the next couple of weeks, Coates used the games she teaches in her book, "Feel it Real!" to pretend that she had already received a big book deal. She celebrated as if it was already happening. "I got into all the feelings I thought I might have if I had gotten a book deal with a major publishing company. I felt gratitude, joy, relief. I even started celebrating as if I had already gotten a deal! My husband thought I was crazy. He was more interested in us finding a place to live than in getting a book deal!"

After about a week, Coates got the inspiration, "I got this emotional download to start emailing publishers about my book. It was definitely inner guidance." She was surprised to find several publishers requested a copy right away. After about three weeks, and with no book agent in sight, Coates received an offer from a major publisher. It nearly blew her mind when she realized that the publisher making the offer was none other than the publishers of the best selling phenomenon "The Secret" (Atria Books). These were the same publishers she was admiring just a few weeks prior. From there, Coates quickly secured one of the top self help literary agents in the business, again with no real effort except pretending like it had already happened.

Coates' book, "Feel it Real! A Guided Approach to Bringing The Law of Attraction Into Your Life" is, in effect, its own testimonial. Coates used the games she teaches in the book to attract a book deal with the publishers of "The Secret". If the success of "The Secret" is any indication of how Coates' book will do in the marketplace, "Feel it Real!" may just become the next household name in the genre of Self-Improvement books. Either way, one thing is sure. Coates will be celebrating the book as a New York Times Bestseller long before it actually happens.


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