Sunday, July 6, 2008

New Imprint Utilizing Breakthrough DIY Publishing Technology

Using state-of-the-art technology from world leader Author Solutions, Inc., HBF Publishers (HBFP) is leveling a digital cultural imbalance by giving African American authors opportunities never before available: control of the content and delivery of their books with immediate access to a growing and profitable African American reading market, cultivated over the years by QBR The Black Book Review and the Harlem Book Fair.

Since 1992, QBR has been the leader and innovator in showcasing books exclusively dedicated to the African American experience. The New York Times has called QBR "the African American book review of record." From this evolved the Harlem Book Fair, the largest African American dedicated book event in the nation, now in its tenth year, drawing tens of thousands of people annually. Now, the Harlem Book Fair offers the prestige of its own publishing imprint through HBFP.

The launch of HBFP is an ideal marriage of literary dreams to state-of-the-art high-technology publishing. The Author Solutions, Inc. DIY (do-it-yourself) turnkey platform enables publishers to maintain their own unique identity, with authors publishing books via a self-controlled, online system, managing content and delivery, all under the HBFP imprint.

"Our fundamental mission is to provide a unique and simple opportunity for African American authors to share their stories with the world. It's that easy," says Max Rodriguez, founder and president of the Harlem Book Fair and HBFP. "The publishing revolution of the past decade has left cultural gaps between African American readers and authors. HBFP closes those gaps through technology and allows authors to inform, enlighten, and entertain their target audiences."

"It is a true synthesis of technology and vision. HBFP's mission is to give access to writers on a large scale, and the technology makes it possible," continues Rodriguez. "We consider it publishing innovation meeting literary aspirations."

"Previously unheard voices can and will be heard-and read," adds Scott Walters, director of business development for Author Solutions, Inc.

The Harlem Book Fair will include samples of initial titles released under the HBFP imprint, and authors will be discussing their books at various fair venues. C-SPAN's Book TV will once again televise the book fair nationally; continuing its preeminence among African American book events nationally.

"The Harlem Book Fair has always been considered a very special African American literary event," Rodriguez adds. "With the launching of our publishing imprint, this year, our tenth, will be even more memorable."

Events from July 17- 20, 2008, West 135th Street, Fifth Avenue to Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Boulevard, Harlem, New York.


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