Sunday, July 13, 2008

Write Your Life Story in 28 Days

It is not uncommon to hear people say that they would love to sit down and write out their life story -- a bit of history to leave behind for their children and grandchildren -- but that they simply don't have the time or even know where to begin. Author Dee Dees is out to assure all who aspire to share the experiences of their life that it can be done easily and efficiently with her new book, "Write Your Life Story in 28 Days" (published by AuthorHouse -

Short and to-the-point, "Write Your Life Story in 28 Days" takes a seemingly daunting task and makes it refreshingly simple, nixing all the theory, philosophy and excerpts of other people's stories that often make getting started more difficult.

According to Dees, her book is different from others with the same topic because "it offers a promise that anyone can complete the highlights of their life's experiences in 28 days, that it needn't be a long drawn out process." Dees offers readers a daily exercise for each of the 28 days. The completion of these short writing assignments leaves the reader with a comprehensive overview of the highlights of his or her life.

Dees also addresses research, including when and why an author may need to do research and where they should look for needed information, and the organization of materials gathered. She includes many helpful and in-depth writing tips for those who feel they are not writers, offering "simple, easy techniques that can help anyone write a cohesive, colorful story about the events they feel are most important to them." "Write Your Life Story in 28 Days" covers the use of the mind-map technique, plot, character building, dialogue and more.

In the final chapters of the book, Dees discusses extras that can be added to the reader's book, such as photos, recipes and quotes, how to turn all the stories, photos and extras into a completed book, and where to go from there.

The book has already garnered praise from Jack Canfield, co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series:

Everyone has a story. "Write Your Life Story in 28 Days" is a user-friendly book that helps you record your stories and compile them in a meaningful way for future generations.

Dee Dees became interested in personal histories after helping her 90-year-old grandmother write the stories of her life. A resident of Gilbert, Ariz., Dees is a workshop and seminar leader and a member of the Association of Personal Historians. Married with two grown children and one grandson, Dees enjoys reading, writing, travel, hiking, needlework and Texas Hold'em Poker. For more information, visit

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