Friday, September 26, 2008

Five Self-Published Authors Earn Over $50,000 in Royalties

Outskirts Press, the fastest-growing full-service self-publishing company, announced that its top-five earning authors combined to gross over $50,000 in royalties in the second quarter of 2008. This is on the heels of a first quarter in which five Outskirts Press authors combined to gross over $75,000.

"Three of our top-five earning authors are different from the first quarter," stated Outskirts Press CEO Brent Sampson. "This demonstrates that not only does Outskirts Press produce bestselling books month after month, but that any author's book holds the potential for incredible success when published through Outskirts Press."

What increases an author's chances for success?

Write a good book and have it professionally edited. No amount of marketing muscle can overcome a poorly written or edited book. Authors with Outskirts Press take care of the writing responsibilities, and then have the option of partaking in optional copyediting service for the finishing touch.

Don't cut corners on the cover. Your front cover has three seconds to attract a buyer's attention. And since the majority of self-published books are sold on retail websites like Amazon and Barnes & Noble, the cover is more important than ever. Just ask Bob Seldon, a top-five author, whose book, What To Do When You Become The Boss (ISBN 9781432714284), features a custom cover from Outskirts Press. "I had my own initial design which I thought was pretty good," stated Mr. Seldon. "However, the custom cover designer at Outskirts Press played with my original concept in a way I had not thought of. The result is a striking cover that really stands out amongst similar type books in the management genre."

Promote your book! Your destiny is in your hands and no one else's. Just ask Frank P. Stiles, top-five author of Evil Brothers (ISBN 9781432710422). "I have given over thirty talks to various organizations since February. My book is in all the local libraries and I have been invited to a big book sale in Monroe, Michigan. Only thirty authors were invited from Ohio and Michigan."

And that's just for starters. Marketing support like the exclusive Marketing Coach provides Outskirts Press Diamond authors with promotion advice and marketing suggestions via email for years after publication. Four out of the five top-earning authors in the second quarter published with the Diamond package.

"In this day and age of print-on-demand, people are discovering that any old company can print a book," states Sampson. "But what good is that? Successful writers are separating themselves from the pack by publishing their book with Outskirts Press, a full-service, custom publishing company that provides authors with support before, during, and after publication."


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