Sunday, October 26, 2008

America's Next Erma Bombeck Answers Fans with Debut Book

Ten thousand emails begging for a book cannot be wrong. Following the meteoric rise of her blog, receiving one million hits fueled by the most popular eBay post of all time, Dawn Meehan's loyal readers begged her to channel her wit and wisdom into a book.

Just in time for Mother's Day 2009, the wisdom and humor of the woman who has been referred to as America's next Erma Bombeck will be available from Guidepost Books in the form of "Because I Said So" (ISBN 9780824947477). With chapter titles such as "I Was the Perfect Parent Until I Had Kids" and "The Reason I Haven't Quit (Yet)," Dawn pokes fun at her mothering mishaps but always with a tender heart toward her family.

"We're thrilled to publish Dawn on the Guideposts Books Spring trade list," said Linda Cunningham, Vice President and Editor-in-Chief of Books & Inspirational Media. "Other moms clearly identify with her hectic family life, and love the way she rolls with it all by using her unabashed sense of humor. Clearly anyone who has built a single blog into a 40,000 plus daily readership practically overnight like Dawn has done, has something to say that people want to hear."

Red Kool-Aid pickles and purloined Pokeman cards are two of the many topics Dawn has addressed in her short time as America's premier blogging mom. Her blog,, has been nominated for four Blogger's Choice awards and has been ranked as one of the top parenting blogs since the author gained national exposure with her eBay posting that showcased her struggle to get through a grocery shopping trip with her "six pack."

Janet Kobobel Grant of Books & Such Literary Agency brokered the two-book deal. "Dawn's down-home humor and her willingness to present herself as a less-than-perfect mom have endeared her to moms everywhere, who often write her to say, 'I forgot how to laugh until I read your blog'."

While working on the follow-up title to "Because I Said So", slated for 2010, Dawn will be sorting through project offers, including a TV sitcom and a film. She will also be sorting through laundry and finding in it fodder for yet another blog or, if her fans have their way, many more books.

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