Sunday, November 23, 2008

New Hampshire Authors Launch Publishing Company

New Hampshire authors Rick DeCost and Bob Griffin have launched a new publishing company and an online presence.

Absent Willow Publishing LLC is an independent book publisher that will provide its readers with high quality stories of horror, fantasy and science fiction. Its online efforts include The Absent Willow Review. The Absent Willow Review plans to publish fictional stories in the horror, fantasy, and science fiction genre while allowing its readers access to the magazine anywhere in the world. Additionally, the Absent Willow Review will publish paperback anthologies from their collected works.

"We're huge fans of the genres we publish," remarked Griffin. "We started this company to find greats works of fiction and to locate the next generation of great writers." With its online magazine spotlighting new works and its print publications soon to be available through and other retailers, the Company is planning to renew interest in short works of fiction. "For new and established authors of short fiction in the horror or fantasy vein, the market is light," DeCost added. "We are hoping to change that."


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