Sunday, November 2, 2008

New Website Helps You Publish Your Personal Stories, Life Anecdotes or a Memoir

Bookstand Publishing has launched a new website,
a new resource for people looking to publish their personal stories.

"Our new website, helps Bookstand Publishing accomplish its objective of making publishing available to everyone," said Nigil Bloom, Editor-in-chief at Bookstand Publishing. "Over the years we had the pleasure of helping hundreds of authors publish their memoirs, life anecdotes and personal stories and we wanted to create a dedicated website that provides resources and direction to individuals looking to publish their personal stories. "

The new website provides:

* practical advice and direction for anyone looking to publish a memoir or a collection of personal stories;

* examples of published memoirs and autobiographies to inspire and guide potential authors;

* encouragement to potential authors to take advantage of the new technologies that make it possible for them to publish a book and share their story with their families, friends and even the world;

* a FREE Self-Publishing checklist which shows authors how to prepare their manuscript for print-on-demand publishing.

According to Bloom, "Most people don't realize how easy and affordable it is today, with the advent of print-on-demand technology, to publish a memoir or collection of personal stories. At Bookstand Publishing, a paperback memoir can be published for as little as $500 including 48 high quality books for family and friends. Hardcover packages including 10 hardcover books begin at $700."

"We hope encourages more people to consider publishing their memoirs and personal stories, not just because that is our business, but because publishing a book is such an exciting and powerful experience for most people," said Bloom. "I love to be able to help grandparents leave a legacy for their children and grandchildren. I love helping people preserve their dramatic and compelling personal stories. When I see the excitement and joy that come from our authors when they receive their printed books, I remember why I love our business of making publishing available to everyone."

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