Sunday, January 4, 2009

Former Copywriter with Fatal Disease Challenges Himself to Publish a Bestselling Novel

He's been bedridden over a year, but former copywriter, Alberto Rios, now hopes to meet his ultimate deadline: to publish his debut novel, "A Death for Beauty" before undergoing risky open heart surgery, December 15, 2008.

Diagnosed with Marfans Syndrome (a connective tissue disorder) in April of 2007, Alberto Rios is prepared for the worst, but is praying for a miracle. He's been wheelchair-bound since he was stricken with the disease over a year ago which has crippled him. He has recently journeyed to Puerto Rico, closer to his family, under the good care of the Veteran's Medical Center in Rio Piedras where they will perform surgery to replace a damaged aortic heart valve.

"This disease has also affected the tissue in my right hip which needs replacing too," confirms Alberto. "The connective tissue is gone and has immobilized me. Yes, it's devastating but hopefully I can call some attention to this very rare disease that silently affects one in every 5000 Americans. I'm hoping the public will be better informed and I'm encouraging anyone with a heart murmur to take it very seriously." he said.

He's optimistic for a full recovery after surgery and rehabilitation and with proper treatment he plans to keep the deadly disease from ravaging the rest of his body.

"It's not an easy thing to live with, but my deep faith in God and the support of my family keeps me going. I choose to believe that my affliction is a blessing in disguise and I'm trying to make people aware of this devastating disease. I've also taken advantage of my spare time and have written what I feel is one of the many important stories of our times. I've been very focused and diligent and I've taken this writing task seriously from day one and I've put my heart and soul into it because I believe there's a deeper purpose in the story's details."

Alberto's debut novel, "A Death for Beauty" is self-published via CreateSpace but currently seeking representation. It will be available via, January 1, 2009.

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About The Author
Alberto Rios has also authored various screenplays: "Sleepers" and "The King of Hoboken". He has published numerous essays throughout the internet and on his Blogspot for the past 5 years. His Memoir, "Journey to the Center of my Heart—La Finca y El Barrio", is his next challenge.


. said...

I hope Mr. Rios is doing well. Perhaps he will write a book about Marfan's Syndrome. THAt would be interesting!

DaphneVT said...

A person with Marfan's Syndrome is born with the disease. It is genetic--either passed down or a mutation. A person is not suddenly stricken with this disease, it may be asymptomatic for many years--the aortic valve is weakened by the breakdown of the connective tissue. There are physical characteristics for Marfan's such as great height, disproportionately long legs and arms and long fingers. A long face as well. Some people have a mild case others severe. It is not a simple disease, but calling it "fatal" is incorrect. It is critical that it be diagnosed early so the aortic valve can be monitored. My best wishes to Mr. Rios.