Friday, January 30, 2009

Self-Publishing Leads to a $14,000 Payday for One Successful Author

As traditional publishers continue closing their doors on hopeful authors in this gloomy economy, self-publishing continues its tremendous growth, which is good news for many talented writers. Just ask Gang Chen, an Outskirts Press author who self-published Planting Design Illustrated (a ForeWord Book of the Year Finalist) and The LEED AP Exam Guide. Both books are enjoying tremendous sales and success even during the economic downturn.

Earning $14,803 in royalties in just one month (November 2008), Gang Chen was among the top performing Outskirts Press authors in the 4th quarter of 2008. Chen is an expert in the field of architecture, with a master's degree from USC and over 20 years of experience. After contacting hundreds of traditional publishers, he finally landed a deal with one major publisher, only to find that he was very unhappy with the substantial revisions they were suggesting.

Eventually, he canceled the contract and decided to publish the book himself. He compared various publishing options and decided to go with Outskirts Press. "Their services do not end after the book is published," Gang Chen says. "They continue to provide excellent marketing advice."

Unlike the majority of self-publishing firms, Outskirts Press understands that marketing is a huge part of an author's success, and they offer promotional advice and marketing services extending for years after publication. States Outskirts Press president and CEO, Brent Sampson, "Successful authors have the potential to separate themselves from the pack by publishing with a full-service, custom publishing company that provides support before, during, and after publication."

Gang Chen couldn't agree more. "The author representatives and others at Outskirts Press were hardworking and very responsive. They really know what they are doing. They walked me through the publication process step by step and made it very easy."

For writers who have made publishing one of their New Year's resolutions, Outskirts Press allows authors to keep 100% of their publishing rights, 100% of their author royalties, and 100% of the control. Now there's no better time to get started. Through the end of January, Outskirts Press is giving away up to 30 free copies of published books, three times as many as normal. Details are at .

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