Friday, January 23, 2009

Well-Known Author Coach Writing Book In 30 Days -- In Public

Author coach Joel Orr is practicing what he preaches by writing a full-length non-fiction book in public, on Facebook. He is posting each day's progress to his Facebook group, "Joel's Book-Writing Mastermind." He is inviting and responding to comments on each segment.

"People keep telling me that writing a book is simply too hard for them, and they have difficulty believing that any method can make a difference. So I decided to demonstrate the process by actually writing a book publicly, 60-90 minutes per day, and finishing it in 30 days or less," said Dr. Joel Orr, an author coach in Mountain View, CA.

Orr has been helping aspiring and "blocked" authors break through to completing their book projects, both as a coach and through his website,

Orr's BookProgram(tm) approach is based on separating structure from content. He claims that doing so enables the author to control the flow of the book-writing process and not get distracted by research and other important but often non-essential activities.

"A book is a unique artifact in our world today," says Orr. "It not only has the potential to encapsulate powerful and useful content, it sheds on the author a glow of authority unmatched by any other object." He believes that coaches, consultants, and service professionals can greatly profit from having their own book.

Orr has published an open invitation to follow the progress of his book via his Facebook group, "Joel's Book-Writing Mastermind."

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