Sunday, February 22, 2009

Best-Selling Author Dan Poynter Selects Smashwords to Publish New Book, The Self-Publishing Manual Volume 2

Smashwords (, a publisher of ebooks from independent authors, today announced that Dan Poynter, author of the best-selling Dan Poynter's Self-Publishing Manual, now in its 30th year of continuous publication, has selected Smashwords as the first digital publisher for the book's much anticipated sequel, the Self-Publishing Manual Volume 2.

The book teaches authors how to take advantage of new technology and techniques to write their book faster, publish it for less, and use social media for promotion.

"Smashwords is a perfect example of the exciting new tools available to help authors publish, promote and sell their books," said Dan Poynter. "Authors simply upload their finished manuscript as a Microsoft Word file and then Smashwords automatically converts it into multiple DRM-free ebook formats, ready for immediate sale."

The book is priced at $7.97 and is available now in multiple DRM-free ebook formats at The first ten percent of the book can be read as a free sample. The book is also available for immediate sampling and purchase for the over one million iPhone and iPod Touch users of the Stanza e-reading app from the Smashwords Stanza store.

"I'm honored Dan Poynter selected Smashwords as the very first publishing venue for this timely new book," said Mark Coker, founder of Smashwords. "Dan Poynter has been a vocal self publishing advocate for nearly 30 years, and has helped train and inspire thousands of book authors, myself included. Despite the challenges faced by the book publishing industry, indie authors everywhere enjoy greater opportunities today than ever before to publish their book and reach their audience."

In an exclusive interview yesterday on the Smashwords blog at, Poynter discussed his views on the future of publishing. When asked to comment on the turmoil in the book publishing industry, Poynter predicted dramatic changes ahead.

Said Poynter, "The large six publishers in New York have not altered their business plans since 1947. The downturn in the economy did not cause their problems but economics are making them reexamine the ways they do business. Brick-and-mortar store sales are decreasing. Online sales are increasing. We will see smaller advances, the elimination of returns, the abolishment of the three annual selling seasons and the proliferation of eBooks. pBook (paper) sales are decreasing. eBook sales are increasing. With change comes opportunity. The 86,000 self-publishers in the U.S. are prepared because they are closer to their subject than a large publisher and, being more nimble, are quicker to adapt to trends, conditions and changes. It takes a large publisher 18 months from manuscript to shelf. Smashwords can get your book out at the speed of light."

In fact, Poynter published with Smashwords in record time. His print book won't be available for another two weeks.

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