Sunday, March 22, 2009

Publishers Adopt Mobile Technology to Reach Young Readers

With the creation of, a 21st century story time experience, publishers can extend the reach of their children's picture books through mobile digital devices including iPhones, iPods, laptops and portable DVD players.

Still Motion Media, exclusive producer of MobiStories, digital books for kids, answers the call from publishers to advance children's literature distribution into the 21st century. With the latest MobiStories release of the children's picture book, "Mommy's High Heel Shoes", Kristie Finnan joins the growing number of publishers ready to extend the reach of their books through mobile digital devices including iPhones, iPods, laptops and portable DVD players.

Looking to reap the benefits of non-traditional methods of selling books, publishers are embracing the digital realm. By visiting the website, parents can download a digital file of a picture book to a multitude of portable devices, enabling kids to take their reading on the go. Utilizing experts in fields as diverse as reading education and Hollywood film production, MobiStories sets the bar for children's digital book entertainment and stands out as the only mobile-multi-platform provider.

Amazon's Kindle, a favorite of Oprah's, has brought legitimacy to the world of digital publishing. However, until the advent of MobiStories, children's picture books had been left behind. "These days kids seem to come pre-wired to handle anything digital," says Rick Toone, Creative Director of Still Motion Media. "They have access to digital players at a much younger age. MobiStories utilize that mobility to instill the joy of reading and offer publishers the opportunity to reach their readers on today's terms."

MobiStories maintains the integrity of each book by keeping the rich illustrations, but enhances the story time experience by adding music, sound effects, narration and "turning pages" to accompany the author's original text. The company consulted with reading experts and others in the field of education to ensure MobiStories' readers benefit from proper early reading strategies. Still Motion's latest release, "Mommy's High Heel Shoes," is the quintessential example of what sets MobiStories ( apart from the pack. Finnan's charming book, a heartwarming look uniquely told from a child's perspective at the numerous jobs a mother does and why a working mommy goes to work, is narrated by a child actor and is accompanied by music and sound effects by an award-winning Hollywood film composing team.

"Creating the book in MobiStories format fits hand in glove with my life and many of the working mothers with whom I've had contact," commented Finnan. A full time working mom of two, with one on the way, and a blogger, Finnan knows first-hand how hectic today's family schedules can be. Certain activities, such as reading together, may get lost in the shuffle. "Now, the smallest children can enjoy my book even when their Moms or Dads are unable to read it to them," said Finnan. "In fact, I have several MobiStories on my iPhone and my kids just love them."

Bob Budlow, president of Still Motion Media, noted, "MobiStories aren't meant to replace the crucial early story-time experience with mom or dad reading to a child." He continued, "They offer children the opportunity to learn and enjoy a story-time experience on familiar digital devices, throughout the day, anytime, anywhere and on virtually any device. Now, screen time is reading time."

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