Sunday, March 15, 2009

Take the Confusion Out of Self-Publishing Your Book is the first ever networking and one-stop shopping website for new and self-published authors. It's a full service company for that writer who has become frustrated with the process of trying to get published.

The competition to get published is fierce with approximately 1,000 new books being published/self-published each week. ( keeps it real because we know when publishers ask, "What makes your book different?" or "Why should I publish your book?" It doesn't mean that they will consider adding an unknown author to their list. They just want to see if you are passionate and enthusiastic enough to do it yourself. Not to brag but we don't concern ourselves with the publishers because we know that for every person who writes a book there are thousands of people ready to read it. They just need to know where to find it. works with writers and authors from the initial typing of your manuscript to a polished professional book that is ready to compete in the marketplace. Our experienced Self-published Specialists take the guesswork out of what you as an author should do next. They eliminate much of the stress and frustration associated with the process of getting published. will reveal the predators in the publishing businesses who make a profit from your inexperience. No, our services aren't free, they are reasonable when you consider we practically hold your hand through the entire process. Nobody held our hands and we learned many valuable lessons and now we're passing that knowledge on to writers, authors, and self-published want-to-bees'.

The owners of, P. Sprattling and Pat Myatt are both in the publishing industry. Mr. Sprattling has 30-years of experience in the editorial and entertainment field while Ms. Myatt is a seasoned self-published author and screenwriter. Ms. Myatt published her first book, Keepin' Up With the Joneses: Secrets the Banks Don't Want You to Know through the School of Hard Knocks, "Which can be a painful education when you don't know where to go or who to trust." Both of's partners feel the time has come for writers and self-published authors to have a support system that is reliable, professional, and vested in the author's success. is the right system to provide that service.

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This site helped me to publish my book and now I'm selling books with Barnes and Noble. They really get the job done.