Sunday, April 5, 2009

Historical Romance Author Defies Age Stereotypes

Pearl Wolf, a 79-year-old New Yorker, loves theater, traveling and playing duplicate bridge. She hates to exercise but she does it anyway, just to stay healthy. But these activities take a back seat to her one true passion: writing historical romance novels--love stories filled with desire, political intrigue, suspense and adventure set in interesting times long gone. While many may find her "passion for passion" extraordinary, Wolf is amused at the astonishment on people's faces when she tells them her age.

"Why lie about such a mundane fact? Just because one reaches a certain age doesn't mean that one forgets about the sensuous side of life. I love to write, I love history and I love romance. To write a compelling romance within the framework of a period in history with fidelity to the facts, gives my readers a double dose of pleasure; they enjoy reading a fast-paced love story and they learn something about that particular historical era in the process."

At 79, Wolf has achieved what many writers only dream of: a two-book deal with a major New York publisher, Kensington Books. Her current historical romance, TOO HOT FOR A SPY (ISBN-10: 1420104802, ISBN-13: 978-1420104806, $3.99), will be released this month with the sequel TOO HOT FOR A RAKE slated for 2010. These are part of a series about the Fairchilds - the Duke of Heatham, his wife, five daughters and one son, his heir. They are an adventurous lot whose exploits turn the duke's hair grey. Readers are certainly in for a treat, judging by the rave reviews she receives, from comparisons to Jane Austen to praise for her ability to combine history with romance successfully.

When asked whether her age makes it easier to write stories that are set in the past, Wolf says, "Not necessarily, given the large number of successful historical romance writers of all ages in the marketplace today. For me, the challenge is to represent with accuracy the periods in which my novels are set. My age simply gives me a deeper appreciation of history. The themes of love, betrayal, political intrigue, redemption and a happy ending are everything a writer needs to write a successful romance." Wolf's outgoing personality makes her a perfect candidate for shattering stereotypes. "There is romance in every woman's soul regardless of her age. I prefer to celebrate rather than to mourn the romance life has to offer."

Pearl Wolf lives in Manhattan, has two sons and three grandsons. She is active in several writer's organizations. These include Florida Romance Writers, Liberty State Fiction Writers, Mystery Writers of America, NYC Chapter, New Jersey Romance Writers and Sisters in Crime, NY-Tristate Chapter (past president). Visit her website at to learn more about her and her work.