Monday, May 25, 2009

Open Book Audio to offer On-Demand Audiobooks to Independent Authors

With the explosion of on-demand printing and yearly novel writing programs like National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) the number of independently published books has skyrocketed. Now, Open Book Audio, which can be found on the internet at, hopes to offer their unique, on-demand recording process to the independent author community by creating high quality, professionally recorded audiobooks for up to 75% less than traditional audiobook recording.

Open Book Audio employs a unique pricing model that utilizes special agreements with actors and recording studios that allow them to create cheap audiobook recordings without excessive overhead costs. By engaging professional and semi-professional actors, Open Book Audio is able to get the most out of performing talent for a very nominal fee. And, since Open Book Audio owns their own recording equipment, all the recording, mixing and mastering is done in house--making Open Book Audio an extremely attractive for independently published authors.

"Our hope with Open Book Audio is to give a voice to the independent author and allow them to inexpensively record an audiobook--open their novel up to a wider audience," said Matt Armstrong, CEO and Co-Founder of Open Book Audio. "The best part is that at Open Book Audio, we're just as passionate about recording good stories as authors are about writing them. Bringing them to life is what makes our life interesting."

Traditional audiobook recording is an expensive process these days with most books being recorded at a cost of $20,000 to $50,000 a book--and that doesn't even take into account the duplication and distribution fees. With Open Book Audio, the independent author finally has an opportunity to tap into the hugely prevalent world of audiobooks and ensure that their story is heard by the burgeoning community of iPod and MP3 audiobook aficionados.

Open Book Audio was founded in 2009 by college friends Matt Armstrong and Andrew Parker. Both Armstrong and Parker have extensive experience working as professional performers in film, radio, television and on stage as well as a solid business background. Additionally, both Armstrong and Parker hold MBA degrees and have worked for Fortune 500 Companies including Microsoft and The Walt Disney Company as well as several other international clientele. Open Book Audio has offices in Seattle, Washington and Salt Lake City, Utah.


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