Monday, June 29, 2009

iFOGO.COM Reinvents The Way Authors and Books Are Marketed

Do you iFOGO(tm)?

Imagine hearing a printed book excerpt, not an audio book, before you buy. Imagine actually turning pages of a digitized excerpt, and hearing the sound, all there on your computer. Why not watch a video interview, listen to an audio excerpt, write a review, or make a suggestion. That's just the beginning.

Want to connect with authors, share the same space, read detailed biographies, all before buying a book? Welcome to the world of iFOGO.(tm) ( And there's more.

The conventional world of books and publishing has not grown in ways that truly represent the needs of writers and readers. Now, everything changes, when it comes to the way authors, publishers, and books are presented. The key word is "interactive;" the driving force is iFOGO.(tm)

iFOGO,(tm) founded and created by an author, provides powerful tools for searching for and learning about authors, their books, and other creative offerings. The company dramatically increases the opportunity for authors, poets, publishers to connect with readers.

Readers are central to the iFOGO(tm) concept. This is no coffee klatch for writers.

Their Mission? To present the legitimate works of every author, and publisher, in ways that engage and fully inform readers. iFOGO(tm) uses both conventional, and cutting edge tools to enrich the book-buying experience. Readers may buy from any source the author or publisher designates, plus Amazon, Barnes & Noble or other booksellers.

Readers interact via audio excerpts, digitized excerpts, view video trailers, suggest authors, receive autographed purchases, get publishing news, and more. iFOGO(tm) goes even further, with iFOGO(tm) Village.

What is iFOGO(tm) Village? Home to writers, readers, booksellers, literary agents, book clubs, libraries, and more; all are welcome. Readers and authors register at, and become 'Residents' of iFOGO(tm) Village--iFOGO's social networking site. Visualize a marriage of Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Facebook, Ebay, and MySpace--that's iFOGO.(tm) Members enjoy his or her own web presence, upload photos, videos, form groups (including book clubs), post events, write reviews, blogs, create forums, chat live, and much more.

iFOGO(tm) promises even more innovation in the near future. They are on the top lists of Internet companies to watch.