Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Write a Craft Book - Truly "Money While You Sleep" by Bob Beacham

There's a lot of hype about working from home and making money on the internet but one of the true "make money while you sleep" opportunities is to write a craft book. If you've got an idea, or some crafting experience, then other crafters will pay you handsomely for your knowledge.

The "money while you sleep" bit? Well once you've put in the initial effort then what we called residual income takes over. People on the other side of the world, at all times of the day and night, will buy your work. You might be sleeping or on vacation and you'll still get paid, probably for years and years into the future. It's why writing has always been such a popular profession.

It's a profession that has become much easier and much more profitable to get into in recent years. There was a thought that computers and ebooks would reduce the number of books sold but in fact the opposite is true. Many, many more books are sold now than in pre-internet days and craft books lead the way. A third of all new books sold today are either crafts-related or cookery.

So the market is there for you, without doubt. Breaking into it is easier than ever before too. If you can type and click a mouse you can not only write a craft book, you can publish it yourself as well. You don't need to be satisfied with the paltry ten or fifteen percent of cover price that traditional craft book publishers pay either. Now you can be looking at up to ninety percent with digitally delivered craft ebooks and even with hardback you might expect twenty to thirty percent.

So why doesn't every crafts person write a craft book? Beats me. It's not going to make you an overnight millionaire - but that's an internet myth and anybody who offers you that is quite simply a liar. What it can offer you is anything from a substantial extra income to a comfortable full-time living depending on the effort you are prepared to put in. Financial freedom? Definitely achievable. Money while you sleep? Absolutely.

Sound good? Well why wouldn't it! For full details of how to write and publish your craft book click here now: Write A Craft Book. It's exactly the same info I've used to write, publish and sell my own successful craft books - it's simple, fun and outrageously profitable!


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