Monday, November 30, 2009

Move Your Favorite Authors and Books Into Your Pocket

Over the past few decades libraries have promoted literacy by taking books to the streets and local neighborhoods using retrofitted RVs or trucks. Today, you can download books to small hardware devices called ebook readers, about the size of a typical paperback.

The Internet and digitization of documents, including books, has changed the entire publishing and book distribution landscape. Thousands of digital versions of books, called ebooks, can now be downloaded and often at no charge. Paradise Publishers, a company behind one of the world's largest online ebook libraries, at has thousands of titles available for free. Readers easily search on the site to find fiction and non-fiction titles. There's a huge global audience and writers now reach millions of potential readers.

Book hunters simply go online to conveniently download their favorite books from anywhere in the world via any internet browser. The ebook readers, like the compact Amazon Kindle, allow you to carry a literal library of your favorite authors with you on the go. A standard format dubbed "Mobipocket" also works with Blackberry, Palm and other ‘smart' mobile devices. This means catching up on your reading anywhere at anytime, whether you're on a beach, in a bus, or waiting at your doctor's office.

Recently, added the very popular Mobi format. It's included, along with other additional services in their new V.I.P. program. While site visitors get all their ebooks for free, when they make a small, nominal donation, they can grab their favorite authors in a "Mobi" format for downloading and enjoy them while travelling for business or pleasure, daily commuting or hanging out at a coffee shop.

Paradise Publishers' President Martin Wales claims, "Everyone wins here. Readers have more mobility and convenience than ever before." With digital versions of books, costs are so low, that actually gives them away and earns their revenue through online advertising.

"Avid readers can enjoy the pleasure and excitement of books for free or choose to donate for premium V.I.P. services, like Mobi. The donations people make on the site contribute to improving the site, developing new features for all and more importantly, let us contribute to literacy worldwide. Schools, charities and non-profits are given unlimited free access to our entire library, services and the whole site," adds Wales. "We're proud to be part of the World Literacy movement."

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