Sunday, February 28, 2010

How To Write The Great American Novel

Lonnie Hicks, in his blog, is tackling the issue of how to write the great American novel. An ambitious project indeed. Intended to be part of his outline chapters for his new book on this topic, Hicks takes us through a mini-course with concrete information, suggestions and exercises. An interesting one is "Writing the One Page Novel."

He shows us how that works, invites us to try and best of all shows us right on the page how to write one. Then each reader can submit their effort and Hicks promises to read them and evaluate them with "a two sentence evaluation."

This sounds like fun.
The mini-course has 11 points to make us all excellent writers and famous.
Ok, let see what comes of this.

Hicks publishing is a start up publishing company and media company, aligned with and H2 Advertising.


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