Sunday, February 21, 2010

PubMatic Launches Expansive New Platform Giving Publishers More Opportunities to Monetize

PubMatic (, the company that provides online publishers -- including the majority of the comScore Top 10 -- with the tools and services to significantly increase revenue and better manage their advertising inventory, today unveiled a revolutionary new set of offerings to give publishers more revenue generating opportunities and more control over their brand. For the first time ever, sales and ad operations teams can manage all ad revenue from a single dashboard and gain new insights into inventory and pricing across non-guaranteed and guaranteed inventory channels. This will allow publishers to find new ways of selling existing inventory and improve the value of the inventory sold by their direct sales force.

Online publishers will benefit from PubMatic Premier's six core elements of technology and services, including: Impression-Level Ad Auction: Delivers every source of demand for non-guaranteed inventory into a unified, impression-level auction that ensures the most money for every ad impression. The auction includes over 400 ad networks, the largest pool of Real Time Bidding buyers available, and insertion orders sold directly by the publisher's sales force.

Global Demand Representation: PubMatic represents publishers to ad networks and exchanges with feet on the ground in seven global locations while managing creative policy and revenue requirements.

Audience Analytics & Monetization: Aggregates data from leading data providers such as in market data exchange BlueKai, targeting data marketplace eXelate, Rapleaf, and audience segmentation platform provider Red Aril, for improved audience insight, audience acquisition, and re-targeting. PubMatic provides publishers' direct sales forces with audience targeting solutions for higher CPMs and sell-through of guaranteed ad inventory.

Brand Control & Data Safety: Provides comprehensive tools and service to protect the publisher's brand – automated blocklist and malware detection, pixel identifier, real-time ad quality screening and more.

Guaranteed Inventory Yield Management: Enables sales and ad operations to manage all ad revenue from a single dashboard and gain new insights into inventory and pricing. PubMatic integrates directly with the industry's leading ad servers.

Enterprise Ad Operations Support: Includes a dedicated service team to consult on campaign trafficking and delivery, provide consolidated payments, and ongoing industry insights.

"Publishers require a new set of tools to capitalize on emerging revenue opportunities such as RTB ad exchanges and data monetization platforms within the context of their existing premium and non-premium display sales channels," said William Morrison, Partner and Sr. Internet Analyst at ThinkEquity Partners. "PubMatic's new platform should help publishers keep pace amid the increasing sophistication of ad buyers and a complex array of monetization opportunities."

"Publishers have never had so much innovation and so many new opportunities to increase the value of their ad inventory and maintain control of their brand as they do today," said Rajeev Goel, Co-founder and CEO of PubMatic. "However, taking advantage of those opportunities can be complex without the right tools in place to simplify the process, and PubMatic Premier brings together the tools and services publishers need in one solution."

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