Sunday, March 14, 2010

New Digital Services for Publishers

O'Reilly Media announced today an innovative new digital service at O'Reilly's Tools of Change for Publishing Conference in New York City.

O'Reilly's new division aims to help publishers meet the demands and challenges of the 21st century. For publishers to succeed today, their content must be available in multiple formats, distributed through many channels. There’s much to understand and do, including converting and formatting files, finding and managing distribution channels, sales and marketing, and collecting and analyzing sales data.

At O'Reilly, we already do all this for our own content and for Microsoft Press. Indeed, over the past four years, O'Reilly has invested in a technical toolchain that allows us to easily open new markets and channels. Beginning today O'Reilly will make our digital toolchain and sales and marketing capabilities available to every other publisher.

The new digital distribution service division will be led by publishing expert Pascal Honscher, an 11-year veteran with O'Reilly.

"Any individual publisher who wants to enter the digital marketplace effectively must make significant up-front investments, overcome many technical challenges, and then hope they've made all the right decisions. At O'Reilly, we've done it--and we've done it successfully," said Honscher, General Manager, Digital Distribution.

"By offering a single point of entry to the broad digital marketplace, and fronting our technology with a dedicated sales and marketing team who are always scouting for new opportunities, O'Reilly takes all the complexities out of going digital," Honscher added.

Working with O'Reilly, publishers can get their content into multiple eRetailers including Apple App Store, Amazon Kindle, Android Market, Kobo, B&N Nook, and more.

Simply put, all publishers need to do is provide the content and O'Reilly will do the rest. Here are the services O'Reilly offers:

- A single point of entry: we aggregate your content and push it out to the dynamic marketplace of ebooks and other digital channels
- Dedicated sales and marketing team actively develops and cultivates strong working relationships with existing and emerging distribution channels
- Easy access to a broad digital market without the up-front cost of creating and maintaining your own digital toolchain or distribution capabilities
- Secure storage, access, and distribution of your digital assets and metadata in our content warehouse
- Integrated, web-based publishing platform encourages direct community feedback, brings your authors closer to their audiences, and helps you develop a responsive and agile product development process
- Quick, efficient, and error-free conversion of your content into digital distribution formats with O’Reilly’s Document Conversion Services
- Easy-to-understand, transparent pricing model
- No up-front charges: you don’t pay us until your content starts to sell
- Flexible pricing strategies: define your own or work with our sales and research teams to identify and maximize revenue
- Custom channel selection for your products ensures that you have control over how and where your products are distributed
- Powerful reporting and analytics that aggregate channel sales data in a unified view and provides digital marketplace trends
- Have it your way: you can go with the complete package or select from our a-la-carte menu of services, including integration of our technology directly into your core infrastructure

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