Monday, March 8, 2010

Two sci-fi blog fiction authors get creative and re-write the book on fiction online

Using the power of online publishing and the viral nature of social networking, storytellers Andy Scearce and his Kansas-City-based brother, Steve, have created a speculative science fiction tale of time travel, deep space exploration, and dangerous genetic tampering that has captured the attention of readers across the globe in just over two months from their first posting.

Beginning with a small online collaboration in December of 2009, blog fiction writers Andy Scearce and Steve Scearce, have quickly created a science fiction phenomenon. Their science fiction story is told in blog format, in which their two separate websites represent each end of the story arc. The Station 151 blog site represents the story in present-day Antarctica. The Unknown Transmission site represents the opposite end of the story 176 years in the future.

The two blog sites update with new story segments and chapters nearly every day of the week. To date, their two sites have thrilled thousands of online readers in over fifty countries world-wide. More amazing is the fact that these previously-unknown writers have leveraged the power of social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, and Mixx) to attract targeted readers, and generate masses of repeat traffic from online science fiction enthusiasts everywhere.

Interested readers can find the whole story at the websites for Unknown Transmission and Station 151 via the following URLs:

About The Authors:
Brothers Andy and Steve Scearce developed an interest in fiction writing, during their internships at an arts and entertainment magazine based in the Midwest. This is their first collaborative project.

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