Sunday, March 21, 2010

Xlibris Introduces The Guardian Weekly Marketing Packages

How do I effectively promote my book? This is the question most commonly asked by self-published authors. Xlibris offers the perfect book marketing solution. By teaming up with one of the most respected names in the publishing industry, Xlibris offers authors the perfect platform from, which to launch a promotional campaign. Xlibris introduces The Guardian Weekly Marketing Packages.

First published in 1919, just one week after the end of WW1, The Guardian Weekly has become one of the largest international weekly newspapers. With a loyal readership of over 260,000 subscribers The Guardian weekly is the most reliable source of world news for prominent individuals, including numerous world leaders.

The Guardian Weekly features book reviews for another internationally respected publication, The Washington Post. Their global readership base alone spans more than 180 countries. The Xlibris Guardian Weekly Marketing Package provides a Slot Ad in The Washington Post's book review and features an Optimized Newswire to get your book direct to the world's media. Authors may also opt to include an E-mail Marketing Campaign to reach out to hundreds of thousands more book lovers, truly optimizing your book marketing plan and your potential to generate book sales.

Launch your book promotion campaign on a global scale through Xlibris. Take advantage of a world-class collaboration between two of the publishing industry's most well established institutions through The Guardian Weekly Marketing Packages. Website:


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I have mentioned you on my blog Shining Desk.


Yoghurt said...

Many authors hit a roadblock when it comes to putting together and implementing a book marketing
plan. You know you need to have one, you have a
vague idea of what it needs to include, but pulling it all together into a step-by-step plan of attack is not nearly as easy as it sounds.

A good starting point is to break your plan up into major categories. From there, you can further define and set
up strategies for each area of your book marketing plan.

The first thing that comes to mind for most authors and self publishers is book store sales. Makes sense doesn't it? That's where people buy books don't they? It's true that making your book available to the general public through bookstores is a very vital component of your marketing plan. However, it is just that -- one single component of your plan. There are many elements that will make up your book marketing plan and arranging to have your book available in bookstores is just one of them.

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