Sunday, May 9, 2010

PubMatch.Org - A Revolutionary Online Service for the Publishing Industry

PubMatch.Org is a revolutionary online service for the publishing industry, the main objective of the online service is to "match publishers, authors and agents world wide." It provides a perfect platform that facilitates the creation of business relationships and encourages the spread of ideas worldwide.

The online service -- PubMatch.Org is for all the facets of the publishing industry that deals with the domestic and international rights. It provides information and services to publishers, authors, agents/agencies, illustrators and book lovers.

It is an integrated portal that provides publishers with a readily available database of authors. The newbie writers too get an access to a large database of publishers; their names, contact details and information about the project requirements. Agents play an important role in the publishing industry; they are always on the hunt for new titles and suitable publishers. The portal also helps the publishing agents to link with the new authors and various suitable publishers.

PubMatch.Org is a unique concept, a revolution in the publishing industry; it provides with a world of possibilities to the aspiring publishing professionals.

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