Monday, June 21, 2010

"Be A Great Author" Tips Using Publicity and Media Strategy

GOOD book authors get some publicity and have been in the media once or twice. GREAT authors and experts gets lots of publicity and have done radio, TV, and print at the local and/or national level. GREAT experts are everywhere at all times. They are out there commenting on the issues and getting their message heard by millions.

GOOD authors and experts have an in depth knowledge of their area of expertise. GREAT authors and experts have the same in depth knowledge about their topics but also understand know how to apply what they know to what is happening in America and then share their point of view on radio, TV, print and on the internet.

GOOD book authors have a website that may or may not be a media site or have a media section that has the info the media would want to see. GREAT authors and experts have a media website designed to make it easy for journalists and producers to find out all they need to know to book them on the show or quote them in the article. GREAT book author and expert media sites include a media packed professional bio, current professional upscale headshot of the author or expert, a strong TV DEMO with several TV appearances. The video is important to the media so the media can preview the author’s expertise quickly and easily.

GOOD book authors and experts are well groomed and put together nicely but do not necessarily stand out. GREAT authors absolutely stand out. They have style and look like high profile HOSTS themselves, They look fabulous on TV and have invested in what it takes to upscale their clothes, hair style and make up for TV. Naturally, they are media trained so they are experienced and appear relaxed and knowledgeable on TV

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GOOD book authors experts are enthusiastic about their topic. GREAT book authors are enthusiastic about everything and come with a great attitude of "how can I help” that comes across beautifully in a phone interview or on camera. GREAT experts engage the audience, present relevant points and conversation that the audience can actually put to use right way. GREAT expert LOVE what they do and it shows. (Good authors get confused and think it’s about their book sales and miss the part about becoming a national voice).

GOOD book authors have a good working knowledge about their topic. GREAT book authors and experts have personal stories that relates to their topic in addition to the book knowledge. GREAT experts are entertainers as well and can help the audience experience their vision.

GOOD book authors try to publicize their book at every turn and miss the bigger picture of how their book can help them gain the competitive advantage. GREAT book authors and experts publicize themselves and their messages thereby creating a brand and a national status that will lead to future projects.


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