Sunday, June 6, 2010

Children's Book Writing by Jenifer Gate

People have different tastes when it comes to writing a book. Some would prefer a novel for mature writing and reading, while others want the self-help ones, and so on. Even though they have different types of interests, every writer shares the same passion which is writing. It is a way to express what you feel while enjoying the idea of it. Some people who are not into writing thinks that authors have a very stressful life trying to put all those words together and try to make sense in every line they write. But the truth is, a writer is always in a happy mood when writing. Even if the story is about tragedy, romance and others, the writer always holds the kind of excitement and happiness into it.

Writers that are into children's book writing are probably the ones that mostly enjoy what they do. Most of you might think that it is pretty easy writing a book for kids. What you don't know is that even children's books need a lot of understanding and studying. You will see that authors are like kids themselves. In order for them to write an effective children's book, they first should know what interest their readers. This is not that easy at all.

We all came from childhood. But along the years, we are forgetting what it feels to be a child. We grow up and mature after many years. Understanding what a child feels would be a bit of work. Writers write as if they are the readers of their stories. As they write, they keep asking themselves "Would I like to read that if I was the reader?" That would be pretty tricky when the reader would be a child. How can you feed a young mind with your matured thoughts? The answer is to know their needs.

Ask yourself what a child needs. First, you will think that children want fun, laughter, moral lessons, simple thoughts and ideas. Then that is what you should write about. Write in a very humorous way. Try adding a little or more laughter into it. Make sure you add a moral lesson but not a difficult one for the child to understand. Always try to see the kid's point of view and see if he can understand that kind of thought.

Make the characters colorful. Children would like a story which they can picture in their minds. Make sure to state clearly what the details are and keeping them simple at all times. Never try to stress a child's mind by adding some serious and too heavy parts into it. Just be at ease and enjoy as you go along.

The author as well as the reader will always feel very young at heart when reading a children's book.

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