Sunday, June 27, 2010

Self Published Authors Now Have a Chance to be Heard on the Airwaves

For a self published book to stand out amidst the sea of books, it is essential for the author to have a marketing campaign that creates interest and awareness to the reader. One of the best ways to market your book is through radio interviews.

Xlibris Corporation launched its latest book marketing service promotion - the Author Radio Interview Marketing Package. The said book marketing campaign allows self published authors to optimize their book’s exposure by providing 10-12 minutes of airtime with Stu Taylor, a respected and nationally syndicated business radio talk show host.

The phone interview is broadcasted live and distributed through various radio streams and online broadcast channels. The Xlibris Corporation Book Marketing Package also includes a Press Release Campaign sent to 100 media outlets where authors get to choose the programs to feature their interview. A complete listing is available on Xlibris Corporation’s website.

The live interview is not just streamed on the radio and internet but also is available for download on major podcast sites. Xlibris’ published authors can use copies of the media which they can use as material for other promotional campaigns such as book signings, talks and more.

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Unknown said...

This is a really interesting idea. Cross-media marketing like this makes a lot of sense in terms of helping to give written work legs.