Monday, July 26, 2010

New Publishing Company for Unknown Writers

This publishing company opens the doorway for writers who are struggling to be heard. Its purpose is to make it easier to have their writing looked at without being scrutinized to the point of having their material tossed in the trash without being given the opportunity of it being read. Catch-It Publication ( gives the writer a voice, a sounding board, a vision, and great possibility of making their dreams a reality.

Most writers feel their words are written in stone and cannot be changed at all. Their written words are not to be chiseled or chipped away at any level that might conform to what an editor or publisher might think is best way to tell the story. Writers are adamant in their descriptive creations for the world to see and admired in some case for their refusal to budge with their concept of a story no matter what the editor or publisher might demand. That usually means the end of their story.

In 2010, Robert Crudup, an advent fiction writer who'd been writing stories for over twenty years yet had never caught the attention of any editor or publisher until 2004 when a small publishing company in Brooklyn, New York took a chance on him and published his first novel, "Blood is thicker than Water." It was through this experience that Robert Crudup decided to create his own small, unknown publishing company with the financial assistance of Anthony Faison, who, later on would become the CEO. Neither Robert nor Anthony had any experience in such a wide venture, but through determination, and many struggles, they created Catch-It Publication.

"When you have a fire in your mind and heart and it is burning through you to get out, you let it out. Being a writer, I always felt compelled to create through my cerebral vision," said Robert Crudup, president of Catch-It Publication. "Listening to sentences form in my mind, and then seeking to express that vision on paper while telling a story. Yet, the rejection letters have a tendency to slap you back into reality. I grew tired of being rejected by editors and publishers for my stories. I needed some other reaching point to get my novels out to the mainstream."

Anthony Faison's connection to Catch-It Publication would be his own story in waiting. In 1987 Anthony was arrested, convicted and sentenced to 20 years to life for the murder of a New York City cab driver in Brooklyn (New York City Daily News writers: Nancie L. Katz and Owen Mortz on May 15, 2001 – For the next fourteen years following that conviction, Anthony would see the horrors of prison and be confronted by the many threatening encounters that might have resulted in loss of life for him if he hadn't put his mind in the law library and began seeking out a justice for his wrongful conviction.

During those years of incarceration, Anthony began writing letters to numerous Congressmen/women, Senators, Community Activist, and many clergy. His drive for freedom would result in him writing over sixty-six thousand letters. One of those letters would eventually prick the interest of a retired New York City detective by the name of Michael Race. With years on the job, this detective would take up the fight for Anthony on the outside by going to the place of the murder and questioning witnesses. His commitment would eventually bring about the immediate release of Anthony in 2001.

For the next two years, Anthony would be constantly reminded of his painful ordeal as he is repeatedly asked to return to court while pursuing a lawsuit against the State of New York (New York City Daily News writer: Ralph R. Ortega on January 16, 2003 – The State of New York admitted its error and awarded Anthony Faison 1.65 million dollars as well as an apology acknowledging that he'd been wrongfully convicted for a crime he hadn't committed.

On September 11, 2003 Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Robert Kreindler the sitting judge who'd impose the sentencing of Anthony Faison as well as exonerating him fourteen years later, retires (New York City Daily News writer Nanie L. Katz on September 11, 2003 – His statement: "I remember saying that I wish there was a way you could tell when a witness was not telling the truth, that it would be very helpful if every time a person lied, a light bulb would go off." This statement should be written on the stone when altering a person's life by wrongfully convicting them. It is through this erroneous act that Anthony invested in Catch-It Publication to assist the unknown voices who are capable of giving something for the layman to read and something to be proud of. To show his faith in, he is in the process of completing his own book, The Mighty Hand: An autobiography of his life.

Catch-It Publication would like to give all writers an opportunity to let the world see their gift by inventing a contest in which writers are encouraged to send in their material along with a small fee. If their material is chosen, then they are placed on Catch-It Publication's website along with a brief biography, their picture, and information about their book. Included also is a guarantee of receiving fifty published books with the acknowledgment that they are a new writer. This contest is every four months and Catch-It Publication is looking for any and all writers to participate regardless of their writing genre. Currently, Anthony Faison is a police officer in Georgia.


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this is an amazing story

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