Sunday, July 4, 2010

Scholastic Award Winning Youth Author Opens Publishing House

Amid the turmoil of the book publishing industry there are still many new start-ups that venture forth. Clayborn Press, LLC is one such newcomer. They come onto the scene with a fresh look at the industry and are poised to take advantage of the advances in technology. Company owner Johnathan Clayborn said "We are quite different from any other publishing house that I have seen."

Clayborn Press was launched back in November of 2009 by Johnathan Clayborn. Mr. Clayborn, already a published magazine article author, wrote fiction and science fiction as a youth and was awarded first place in a youth Scholastic writing competition. His love of books is part of what compelled him to start this venture. Unlike most of the other smaller presses, Clayborn Press does have this much going for them; most of their staff writes. The company website claims that they are "...a new type of publishing company based on old-fashioned ideals and set to take advantage of all of the benefits of our current technological age."

Clayborn Press offers books in POD and e-book formats. They have a number of authors signed on with them already and are set to release several more books before year's end. Clayborn Press offers books in both black and white and full color and is discussing the possibility of releasing Children's Books before the end of the year.

"As a business, I feel really confident about our abilities" says Clayborn. "We have a great staff who all love books, we understand the need to put pen to parchment and pour your heart and soul into a book, and we have a lot of technically experienced people who are set to help us take advantage of the e-book trend."

Clayborn Press prides itself on their taking the time to help new authors cultivate and mature their talent. Their books are currently available through Borders, Barnes & Noble, Amazon and many other retailers.

About Clayborn Press: Clayborn Press is a small publishing firm that was founded by authors with authors in mind. Clayborn Press is based in Glendale, Arizona and publishes and distributes books worldwide.

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