Sunday, August 29, 2010

Are eBooks Worth the Paper they are not Written on?

The opportunity that seems to have been overlooked with eBooks is that technology can actually ADD VALUE to content. This is particularly true for books used in early education. By adding value to quality content, publishers can maintain pricing levels and customers are provided with educational features not available when using a hardcopy book. Everybody wins!

Australian based information technology company, ReadOn Pty Ltd, has looked beyond the basic eBook concept of simply providing electronic copies of hardcopy books in the release of its new product, myWordii.

myWordii eBooks are specifically designed for children in the first few years of formal education and are ideal when used along side or as a replacement for hardcopy levelled readers.

myWordii supports independent reading as well as whole class, small group and paired learning settings. It is perfect for the struggling or reluctant reader and students for whom English is a second language.

myWordii not only delivers hardcopy content in style matched electronic format, but also adds significant value to the text by including, within each book, the ability to access research-supported teaching and learning functions.

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