Sunday, August 8, 2010

Author Charles G. Irion Participates in Growing Self Publishing Trend

Self publishing is on the rise. The number of self published book authors is up 181 percent from 2009, according to Bowker bibliographic company. Arizona author Charles G. Irion of Irion Books LLC is part of this growing trend.

As technology progresses, so do the standards and expectations of publishing. Ten years ago a self published book could be spotted immediately and held a negative stereotype. Today, authors who choose to self publish have the same benefits as those who use traditional publishing and in some cases the benefits exceed those of traditional. Last century's logic is now outdated and lacks the agility of self publishing.

According to Irion, the advantages of self publishing outweigh those of using a traditional publisher. "I keep control," says Irion. "I retain all rights to my books, which doesn't happen with the large publishing houses."

In addition to having control over his novels, Irion has a greater profit margin by utilizing a print on demand service. By using print on demand Irion is able to order only what is needed by consumers. Irion jokingly adds, "It also allows me to have a parking spot in my garage."

Irion warns, however, "would-be" self publishers should also be wary of the commitments of self publishing. While there are many positive aspects to self publishing, the work load is also increased.

"In order to do this, I've had to wear many hats," Irion says. "You have to have perseverance, resources, imagination, and money. You need to have an open mind and some marketing skills. Then the writing gods do the rest."

The key ingredient in breaking the mold of traditional publishing, according to Irion, is dedication of both time and resources. Self published authors must be able to fully immerse themselves in all aspects of production.

"I advise anyone considering self publication to fully research the process before deciding," Irion says. "Authors should get referrals from publishing companies, join a professional association like the Arizona Book Publishing Association, and use vendors that other self publishers recommend. And lastly, "Don't be afraid to ask for help."

Charles G. Irion is an author and founder of Irion Books LLC. and

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