Sunday, September 12, 2010

Jumpstart Writing a Book - Tip 2 - Write a Short Book First by Earma Brown

Are you writing your first book yet? No worries, you might have the same problem a friend of mine had with getting started. She told me I could save my procrastination speech. She was not procrastinating. She agreed with the principle that now is better than later. She was more than ready to write it this year.

But she lacked the know how and simple steps to get from (a) getting started to (z) completed book. Years later, I found out she took my advice. Her book is now finished, published and selling well in the marketplace. She explained the single tip that helped her the most was this: Write a short book first.

When she first mentioned it to me, I thought I must share this principle. I know there are others that can relate. For example, when I was writing my first book. I kept writing and writing, until my book was becoming a huge monster.

Of course, I thought at first I would struggle with coming up with enough information. That was not the case. It was getting so huge that my mentor said to me, "Why don't you divide your monster book into two separate books. It will be simpler for you to write and easier for your reader to read.

It was like a light bulb went off for me! When I decided to write a shorter book. I felt relieved. I felt more energized, more pumped to get it done. Maybe it will be the same for you.

Remember if you feel stalled in your writing or just need a jumpstart consider this, "Write a short book first." There are three main reasons I encourage you to write a short book first.

1. You reach your goals faster. When you reach your goals faster, you gain momentum. You might be surprised at the charge you receive from one small success. The momentum you gain through writing and completing a short book first will propel you into success in other areas.

2. You make it easier on your reader. In the 21st century, your readers are busy. They want to be able to fit bite-sized reads into their bite-sized time slots. Shorten your book and you may find your audience will engage faster in reading it. Shorten your sentences, shorten your stories and illustrations. Wait; even though you give your book the big slash still make it compelling.

3. You take your book to market faster and profit sooner. Let's face it; if you never finish your book you have no chance of profiting from it. Finish it; bring it to market and profit sooner.

If you don't use this tip to jumpstart your book writing, you may be this time next year still wondering if it will work. Write a short book first, finish fast and profit sooner!

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