Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Quick Look At Writing Your First Book by Amy Leigh Parker

Writing is a very popular past time and hobby for so many reasons, it is something creative to do and achieve and its results are very rewarding.

Starting off is possibly the most difficult thing to do when witting a book, the first day will properly be spent writing things and then deleting them over and over. Think what you want your book to be on. An autobiography, a thriller, fiction, real life, love story.

What is the outcome, do you have a rough idea of the story line or do you want to think each day as it comes. Is this a long term project or something small that you wish to do other a short period of time.

The recommended way to write the words is on a PC or laptop as that way it can be backed up in a number of places. It is also saves time when it comes to re-writing the final version and losing a page or mixing the order up. It is also much clearer to read and things can be changed round in sections. Lines that you are unsure of can be highlighted and pin pointed for later on, and things can be added in a slight notice.

Use your real life situations to use as extra add INS read books and watch films for inspiration, try to come up with new and exciting stories that are unique. You never know they may even get properly published.

Once your book/novel is finished why not take it to be bound and done professionally so that others can read and enjoy it. Some places can design and help you create a real professional looking cover and design. This may be more expensive but think of the entire time spent making and writing each individual paragraph it is nice to see your work completely finished to a high quality and standard.

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