Sunday, October 3, 2010

Boston Publisher Celebrates Publication of 100th Title, All Written by Children

KidPub Press, publisher of books written by children, has released its 100th title. Established in 2008, KidPub Press helps kids ages 8 to 18 understand the publishing process by giving them a chance to publish their own book. The young authors work with an editor to get their manuscript into shape, then with a designer who helps them create a cover. The completed books are sold on, at the KidPub Press bookstore, and through affiliated online bookstores. The kids receive quarterly royalty payments for sales of their books.

"This is the same process that an adult author would go through," remarked Publisher Perry Donham, "and we keep the kids involved in every step, to help them get a good feel for how the book business works. Many of us go into a bookstore and see thousands of titles on the shelves but have no idea how they got there; our authors understand the incredible amount of work it takes to get a book published."

While there's no expectation that an 8-year-old's book will reach the New York Times Bestseller List, many KidPub Press authors sell hundreds of copies and hold successful book signing events at their school, local bookstores, churches, and other venues. "More importantly," said Donham, "the kids are like rock stars when they walk into school with copies of their book. The confidence and pride that this gives these kids is something that sets them up to be successful college students and young adults."

KidPub Press books are typically 100 to 150 pages long, though some have topped the 300-page mark. It is an international endeavor with authors from Canada, the Middle East, Australia, and Europe having participated. The company also has a school program that produces compilation books written by middle-school classrooms.

"There's always a moment of confusion when we describe the business," explained Donham. "Everyone is familiar with children's books, but books -by- children? That's a different story. The expectation is that kids can't possibly write 'real' books, but having read every one of the hundred we've published, I can tell you that these kids really do have a talent for writing. I'm proud that my company can give these young authors an outlet and market for their creativity."

With 100 titles behind them, Donham and the KidPub Press team are looking forward to hitting the 500-title mark, and to expanding the market for this genre of book, both in print and electronically. "The first hundred are always the hardest," quipped Donham, "and we're well on our way to that next big milestone."

KidPub Press is headquartered in North Attleboro, Massachusetts. Visit KidPub Press for more information. Books are also available at

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