Sunday, October 10, 2010

New eMagStudio Software Eases Publishing on iPhone and iPad

Apple's recent announcement that they have removed restrictions on development tools to create iOS apps has opened the door for Digital Publishing Providers to start developing their own apps for publishing digital editions on the iPhone and iPad devices.

Software vendor eMagCreator has chosen to focus on iPhone/iPad publishing and have already released a new mobile version of their online publishing platform eMagStudio, which is one of the first desktop software's which publishes directly to Apples iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices, using the newly developed HTML 5 based reader. The new release is the first of many initiatives towards publishing on Apples mobile devices.

The eMagStudio publishing platform allows Web and Marketing Professionals to place content online without having to depend on an agency or graphic designer, hereby reducing production time and costs. The software is an effective marketing tool that every marketing department should use, to easily place all of the company's publications online. It can be used for creating online magazines, brochures, catalogs, ebooks, newsletters campaigns, sales material and much more.

eMagStudio is incredibly easy to use, and publishing on Apples mobile devices simply requires checking a check box in the actual publishing process. The latest version of the software uses the highest standards within the industry and is based on Adobe technology insuring the best available reading experience. To test the new publishing software simply download a free full featured version of the software from the website

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