Sunday, November 14, 2010

"Fiction Novel of the Day" Gadget

Google released a technology a few years ago that is just now starting to catch on worldwide. It's called the iGoogle Gadget, and it's recently become extremely effective at reaching mass levels that websites could only have dreamed of before.

One literary example is a website called, which three years ago considered itself lucky to reach one-hundred daily unique visitors through its traditional homepage. Now thanks to the Google Gadget showing a new quote every day on individuals' personalized homepages—as well as on the websites of companies and individuals who have chosen to embed the Gadget as free content— Daily Literary Quote claims that they now reach over 235,000 daily visitors.

This month, Literary Monthly Magazine ( ), a traditional literary review that has just recently gone web, has decided to experiment with the new Google Gadget revolution. They have made a deal with top-gadget building team igGadgets ( ) to have a private-labeled version of their "Fiction Novel of the Day" Gadget created, to help spread awareness of modern literature.

The new Gadget will be offered as free content to webmasters. Starting in November. Literature Monthly Magazine forecasts to have their new "Fiction Novel of the Day" Gadget on over 5,000 web pages by the end of the year. The project has philanthropic goals, as the idea originated during a Literature Monthly meeting focused on how to spread an awareness of world literature through popular media. Market research, however, shows that Gadgets designed and hosted by igGadgets have a quick and profitable return-on-investment. Literature Monthly expects to make a profit essentially right-away through Amazon affiliate links embedded in their book listings.

Literature Monthly is selecting a host of award-winning modern authors, literary fiction novelists whose works are cosmopolitan and multinational in subject and style, to be featured in the Gadget that will otherwise feature classic novelists from history. One of the modern authors chosen was Roman Payne ( ), an American English-language novelist based in Paris, France. He was selected because his books "have the European-American multicultural feel we are looking for. Also, while his novels are modern, they are also very literary, timeless and poetic, which speaks the message we want to help spread in this world where the majority of novels promoted via popular sites suggest political or social agendas," said the Literature Monthly spokesperson, "Our agenda is purely artistic, literary...not political."

Publishers of literary authors are invited to submit works for review in the Gadget to Literature Monthly:

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