Monday, January 10, 2011

Kindle Author Puts Readers In Book, Then Kills Them

Kindle has changed the way authors write their books. And the way authors interact with readers. In fact, one author has begun putting readers in his books as characters, and then killing them off.

"As a joke, I put my girlfriend in my book, then had Jack Klak kill her off. She thought the idea was hilarious, and wanted to come back in the sequel" said Paul J Coleman, author of Jack Klak: MAESTRO.

Because of the instant feedback of the Internet, authors and readers can stay connected more than ever before. Amazon book reviews give authors a look inside reader's minds, and many authors have blogs where fans can chat with them.

Mary Wilcox, Trends Analyst at ic7 Media said: "Paul started a thread on the Amazon Kindle forum asking for murder volunteers, the response was overwhelming. Authors can now speak directly to their readers right on their Kindles. It's fun interactions like these that make Kindle books so powerful"

Paul says that anyone who is "chosen for death" in his latest book, will get a free Kindle copy of the book. "It's my little way of saying thanks" added Coleman.

For readers who want to be included in his next thriller, you can visit his blog:

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